Sunday, 13 May 2012

Connexions Blog: Blessing Gay Partnerships?

My comment on this thread:

Very interesting and subtle opener for a discussion on homosexuality. Personally I’m always amazed that heterosexuality is assumed to be, by default, the less sinful option, when Jesus’ teaching on lust raises the bar on holiness almost insanely high!

The point though is that if one is at the level of worrying what form of sexuality is sinful and what form is not sinful then you have missed the point of being led by the Spirit, because the fleshly nature (hetero- or homo-) must be put to death in either case because of it’s opposition to God. Romans 14: 23 ‘everything that does not come from faith is sin.’ As Augustine said, ‘Love God and do what you will.’

There is obviously a lot more I could have said.  I think it extremely unlikely, for instance that the Spirit would inspire one to enter into a homosexual relationship.  I could be wrong in this, as in the general idea behind my theological musings.  The blogger, Richard Hall, presents a very good argument for re-thinking Christian opposition to homosexuality as an anachronistic throw back.  Also, his argument regarding his own "adulterous" marriage is a very good point, and one which, at least, throws a light on shifting sexual mores within the contemporary church, not least an underlying prejudice in favour of heterosexuality (regenerate or otherwise).   

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